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This page is dedicated to cycad-related educational articles, information, and activities produced or conducted by TCS.

Sample Newsletter Articles

Cycad Focus Articles

One of the consistent components of the Cycad Newsletter since the September 2002 issue (Vol. 25, No. 3) has been the "Cycad Focus" column, in which a different species of cycad is highlighted in each issue. These columns typically feature taxonomical, horticultural, phenological, and other information on the respective 'target' species. The concept of targeting individual species in detail actually began long before 2002, however, and was first announced in the May 1981 issue (Vol. 4, No. 2). Originally called "Portrait of a Species," the first species to be targeted was Bowenia serrulata in the March 1982 issue (Vol. 5, No. 1). TCS will be making these in-depth "Portrait of a Species" and "Cycad Focus" articles available here on our website in an effort to provide quality educational information on cycads to a broader audience.

Below are the "Cycad Focus" articles that are available online in alphabetical order:

Click here to visit the Cycad Newsletter page for more information and to see the complete list of species addressed to date.

Membership Brochure

We have created a new educational membership brochure that is available for members to give out at events. Click here to view the entire brochure.

And feel free to contact our Membership Director, Craig Nazor (membership@cycad.org), to request copies of the brochure to hand out.

Other Educational Efforts

University Science Curriculum

In 2008, TCS contributed a photo to the new "Science 4 Curriculum" developed by Bob Jones University. Click here to view the page containing the photo. (2.5 Mb)

Cycad Book Donations

Also in 2008, TCS donated copies of Loran Whitelock's The Cycads to the following libraries and institutions. The criteria used to decide where to donate the books were simple: (1) is regularly visited by students and/or professionals interested in cycads, (2) does not already have a copy, and (3) expressed an interest in obtaining a copy.

  • University Library, University of Texas - Pan American, Edinburg, TX, USA

  • Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta, GA, USA

  • SERBO, A.C., Oaxaca, Mexico

  • Departamento de Botanica, Universidad de Panama, Panama City, Panama

Glossary of Cycad Terms

In 2009, TCS developed an expanded glossary of more than 1,200 cycad terms (using the Glossary of Terms Encountered in Cycad Systematics provided in Walters & Osborne [2004] as a foundation) as well as a fully illustrated glossary of more than 500 of these terms using cycad-specific examples. Click here for more information.


Etymological Compendium of Cycad Names

Also in 2009, TCS compiled a list of the etymologies (= meanings) of all currently accepted cycad names. Click here to view this etymological compendium.

Additional Educational Resources

World List of Cycads

Taxonomic Key Posters


Vernacular (Common) Names

Cycad/Insect Pollination

Plants in Habitat

Original Species Descriptions

Click here to see our database of original cycad species descriptions.

IUCN Red List

All throughout 2010, the IUCN Red List website featured a different threatened or endangered "Species of the Day". Below are the cycads that were highlighted:

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