TCS 2007 Grants

Population status and life history of Zamia
in the Chocó-Colombia hotspot

Ana Maria Benavides Duque & Juan Santiago Zuluaga

(Corporation for Biological Research)

Medellín, Colombia


  • Chocó region of Colombia is a top biodiversity hotspot in the world due to levels of endemism, diversity, and biological complexity

  • Ongoing deforestation, alarming levels of poverty, and scarcity of sustainable economic alternatives increase pressure on forest resources

  • Enigmatic and attractive nature of Zamia have prompted burgeoning trade, specially with tourists and outsiders

  • Of 5 species of Zamia in region, 4 are Critically Endangered (Red Data Book of Plants of Colombia)

Proposal Objectives

  • Provide comprehensive assessment of population status and life history of Zamia species in Chocó

  • Promote sustainable alternatives to community of Coquí Indians that may help reduce impact of current trade on Zamia populations

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